The perks of inside jokes at the office

According to a study by the London Business School, having a laugh from time to time at the office is a healthy practice. Not only does it have  a positive impact on productivity by relieving stress and boredom, it also generates engagement, creativity, and even makes us look more competent. Not incredibly surprising – after all,  companies are just small communities of people. People that needs inspiration, that think, create, love, laugh and have inside jokes.

And speaking of inside jokes, Fuckup Nights has a few ones too! And no, we’re not talking about Fuckup Dates. This time, we’re talking about Fuckuppín.

The origins

After a failed second hand purchase, Rich (from marketing and comms) was exploring the streets of Mexico City, when he stumbled upon a charity sale at a church. Fuckuppín was there, laying on a table, next to old magazines, clocks, TVs and other vintage toys. Its blue hair and golden laces were shining under the sun, those deep blue tender eyes yearning for a friend, those nice red cheeks were clamoring for attention.

And with that, (and a dollar fifty), Fuckuppín started its career at Fuckup Nights. 

Unfortunately, Fuckuppín was not incredibly welcomed at Rich’s house, and after some pressure from his mother, had to look for a new home for Fuckuppín. So Rich thought, “What better place than the new office?!”

Rich was expecting Fuckuppín to go undercover, and arrived early to place it on a distant and high shelf. However, it didn’t take long for someone to notice that charming look and yelled, : 


The unexpected Fuckuppín effect

An inside joke was born

Members of the team started placing it in different spots around the office. Sometimes at someone’s desk, sometimes at the meeting lobby sofa, or even hanging from the ceiling. 

And surprisingly, that “creepy” look was the face that launched a thousand conversations and inside jokes at the office.  Was it was a bear, or a baby or a dog? Was it evil incarnate? What was Fuckuppin’s story? This new addition to the team brought us all together, and created a sense of “taking care of something that relates to us”. 

Fuckuppín started to become present at online meetings, after office parties, and even at Fuckup Nights Mexico City events.

We came to love our new team member, and Fuckuppín started to get new accessories from many team members. A green pro-abortion scarf from Argentina, a co-worker´s dog chain, a bracelet from our “Culture ministry” and a Costa Rican pin.

And that’s how culture works, sometimes it’s this weird and abstract thing that little by little starts to take form and shape thanks to the people around it;contributing  and enriching it. Inclusion is so important.

This resonates a lot with one of our 5 values, “Living life without filters”, because we can’t avoid being authentic and open, and that’s how our culture welcomes ideas and people from outside of it.

Fuckuppín appears in our Culture Book and it’s hidden somewhere on our website (can you spot it?) and has become an inside joke that unexpectedly became bigger than us, just like our work sharing the failure around the world.